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 Wedding Suppliers >> Northwest Wedding Suppliers >> Elegant Steps Bridal Shoes

Elegant Steps Bridal Shoes

Elegant Steps Bridal Shoes

Wedding Shoes

Welcome to Elegant Steps Bridal Shoes. We offer the largest selection of wedding shoes in the UK both online and in our store. Most of our silk and satin shoes are dyeable and can be dyed to match your outfit. We offer a full in-house shoe and handbag dyeing service suitable not only for the bride but her bridesmaids, mother of the bride or groom and also shoes for parties, evening shoes, prom shoes, in fact our shoes are suitable for any occasion.

We also stock a large range of childrens shoes suitable for young bridesmaids or First Holy Communion. You may also consider having them dyed a colour or black after the event.

Elegant Steps Bridal Shoes

Elegant Steps stock the largest selection of stylish and beautiful bridal shoes in the whole of the UK.  Their shoes come in White and Ivory, all of which are 100% Dyeable and can be matched in-house by their professional colourist which means they are perfect for matching the colour of your Bridesmaids dresses, or for co-ordinating shoes and handbags for Mother of the Bride or Groom outfits. 

We can Hand-Jewel and customise your shoes just for you, and can make your style
as individual as you are.

We also have a significant collection of beautiful, elegant and luxurious bridal lingerie and nightwear.

Elegant Steps also stock a large selection Handbags, Tiaras, Jewellery, Veils and Children’s Shoes

Their adult shoe size start from adult size 2 to 12 including various width fittings

Children shoes start from “Baby” 0 to adult 7

Lingerie size 30-52 A-G Cup

Nightwear sizes 8-24


 Wedding Suppliers >> Northwest Wedding Suppliers >> Elegant Steps Bridal Shoes


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